Super Helpful Blogs for the Retail Investor

Proj Omni: Feb 07, '17

Finstead today gives you an insight into stock investing—if that’s the direction you choose to pursue.  But many retail investors are focused on maximizing their earnings and optimizing their overall portfolios, while minimizing costs.  We’ve been searching for insightful blogs that help you in this endeavor, and so in this post, we’ll share with you some helpful resources where you can find good personal finance advice. Among the many blogs we researched, the majority focus on cost optimization, but a number do provide comprehensive advice about the market, portfolios, your earnings potential, and selecting good (investment) products.   So here is our choice of blogs that provide a more holistic advice on investing. 

The blog is run by Eric Tyson, the author of “Investing for Dummies” and five other “For Dummies” books.  His books are a must read for investors at all levels.  The blog, however, provides a few helpful things: 1. How to interpret current news, such as understanding the recent US election results and its implications on your investment strategy; 2. Noteworthy investment perspectives that cut to the chase and filter out the noise (check out the piece on historical reasons to sell US stocks); 3. Book and research summaries—check out the piece on stress reduction. is a paid blog with great content and no ads for the cost of $18/year.  Tyson offers a good reason why he charges readers for the blog—most investment web sites today are focused on making money via ads, and by doing so, they neglect the true needs of the retail investor (example: stock picking portals are an ideal ad channel for brokerage firms). In contrast, he’s offering objective and insightful tips to consumers, encapsulating current events and changes in regulation.  And this all comes from one of the most experienced investment authors and advisors in the industry. is a blog run by a married couple, Jacob and Vanessa that sold everything they didn’t need to pay off student loans and focus on building a secure financial future. Their blog is particularly appealing to the millennial consumer who is seeking to achieve financial independence.  The majority of the blog posts are focused on helping consumers find better products (e.g., read the post on Republic Wireless), managing their expenses and securing financial freedom.  Their product reviews are candid—if you doubt the authenticity, read their review of Personal Capital financial services. 

Not all posts are focused on erasing debts and slashing expenses—some will teach you how to get access to certain markets, such as commercial real estate.  We suggest you read the posts and decide which products make sense for you.

Even if you’re turned off by the provocative blog title, we still urge you to give it a try. will give you some good ideas on developing your career potential.  When you first sign up, you will be asked to take a career quiz which will help you discover your true calling.  We suggest you take it regardless of how clear your career development plan is—the quiz is both insightful and fun.  The output is a custom report that highlights the unique strengths of your personality and provides ideas on how to start earning more money.

The blog is run by Ramit Sethi, a New York Times bestselling author of the book “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”, and a co-founder of PBworks.  Most of the materials he offers / publishes are free, but you’re intrigued to go deeper and get more of his insights, you can buy his ebooks or enroll in the “find your dream job” class. 

 Each of the blogs we profiled above has a distinct niche—and all are helpful in managing your top and bottom line.  We’re hoping that they will find a place in your weekly digest—because they may help you become a better investor, a better educated consumer and a more effective professional.

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