Amphenol Corporation (APH) Buy or Sell Stock Guide

Last updated: Mar 11, '19

The analysis below may be helpful to you if you have any of the following questions about APH stock:

  • Is APH a buy or a sell?
  • Should I sell or hold APH stock today?
  • Is APH a good buy / a good investment?
  • What are APH analyst opinions, recommendations, ratings?

Here are APH stock buy reasons/signals:

1. The proliferation of electronic content across end markets will enhance Amphenol's top-line growth.

2. The automotive market remains an attractive long-term growth opportunity for Amphenol.

3. Amphenol's acquisition strategy will strengthen its position in the connector space while maintaining industry-leading operating margins.

4. APH quarterly revenue growth was 14.40%, higher than the industry and sector average revenue growth (5.95% and 5.21%, respectively).

5. APH profitability is improving. The YoY profit margin change was 5.41pp.

6. APH forward dividend yield is 0.97%, higher than the industry (0.38%) and sector (0.23%) forward dividend yields.

7. APH average analyst rating is Buy.

Here are APH stock sell reasons/signals:

1. Changes in global defense spending trends could dampen the sales of Amphenol's most profitable end market.

2. Amphenol has some exposure to the oil and gas industry, for better or worse.

3. Volatility in the cost of key metals can create short-term swings in Amphenol’s margins and profitability.

4. APH forward P/E ratio is 21.89, and it’s high compared to its industry peers’ P/E ratios.

5. APH Price/Book ratio is 7.04, and it’s high compared to its industry peers’ P/B ratios.

What are your thoughts on APH?

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