1. How is Finstead pronounced?

Finstead is pronounced like instead; just add a letter “F” at the beginning of the word. The accent is on the second syllable.

2. What is your Finstead’s goal?

Finstead’s goal is to provide simple and intuitive financial information to retail investors instead of complicated financial data and models. Our hope is that with Finstead, you won’t have to plow through heaps of data before coming up with your investment opinions. We’d like to help you accelerate your investment decision process.

3. What financial insights are you focused on?

Everyone’s financial decision framework is different, e.g., you may be looking at news, blogs, market fundamentals and timing to decide which stocks or funds to purchase. Our objective is to support your decision making process with better, easier to understand data. Our insights will be focused on all major categories of financial information that retail investors typically look at when making investment decisions.

4. Are there insights that you are planning to add in the future that are currently not included on Finstead.com?

Yes. We’ll be continuously adding new views based on your feedback and our own thoughts—as we look to drastically simplify financial information that most retail investors use to make investment decisions.

5. What metrics should I use to make an investment decision? Is there any one in particular I should be paying attention to?

We caution against using any single indicator as the sole reason to invest. If you’re interested in stock investing, check out the Insights, News and Opinions sections of an individual stock page on Finstead.com to get a 360-degree view of the stock. Focusing on a single metric as the reason to buy (or sell) a security may produce sub-optimal results in the long run.

6. There are certain financial metrics I like that I can’t find on Finstead. Can you add those in a future release?

Please send us an email and tell us what views you’d like to see in the future.