Micron Technology Pre-Earnings: What Drives The Stock Price?
Micron Technology releases earnings on Tuesday, December 19, after the market close. Many investors are wondering how to value the stock post-earnings, so we wanted to provide you with a perspective on how to look at the stock price.
LyondellBasell Industries: Why Did It Get Upgraded?
Ford Equity Research upgraded LyondellBasell Industries NV (NYSE: LYB) from Hold to Buy. What drove the upgrade?
Teva's Workforce Is Decimated: Now What?
Teva announced that it will be laying off 14,000 people, or 25% globally. While causing huge morale issues among its remaining workforce, this decision is the right one in the eyes of Goldman Sachs analysts.
Oracle: How You Should Value The Stock
Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) is reporting FY18 second-quarter earnings after the closing bell today. You may be wondering, how will the stock move post-earnings?
Worst ETFs Of The Year: 2017 Recap
As we're getting ready to wrap up 2017, the research team at Finstead conducted the analysis of the worst ETFs/ETNs of the Year. To be more specific, the worst ETFs/ETNs by annual return.
Aqua America: Well Positioned For Growth?
The Company may be able to sustain solid returns as it benefits from the investment of more than $700 billion in the nation's water and wastewater infrastructure recommended by the EPA over the next two decades.
MongoDB: No Clear Path To Profitability?
S&P Capital IQ believes the Company is overvalued, and its quality of earnings, growth stability and financial health are poor. On the bright side, Finstead research indicates the average price target of $33.60.
UGAZ Decay Quantified: A Sure Path To Lose Money
If you annualize the impact of decay, the loss you can expect to see by investing in UGAZ is -39% per annum. That means, for every $10,000 invested in UGAZ...
Proteostasis Therapeutics: Still A Decent Upside?
Shares of Proteostasis Therapeutics more than doubled today. Here is what you should know about this stock...
RIOT Blockchain: Stay Away
Heavy trading in Riot Blockchain calls, as investors are increasingly interested in crypto-currency plays. There are a few things that concern us about RIOT...
Yield10 Bioscience Stock Price: A Pure Speculation?
Yield10 Bioscience shares were more than 200% up today after the Company was granted a research license to Monsanto to evaluate its soybean yield traits. Is this speculation justified?
Net Element Bull Of The Day: What You Should Know About This Stock
Net Element took a beating in 2017. Today, the stock was up 35% on the news that Russia may look to exploit bitcoin to boost the oil market. Here are the things you should know about this stock.
Lululemon Growth At The Expense Of Store Sales?
Direct-To-Consumer sales grew more than 25% for the second straight quarter. While this runs ahead of the mid-teens growth we forecast for the year, it overshadows tepid same-store-sales (up 1% constant currency in the third quarter).
Broadcom Mum On Qualcomm, But Expected To Raise Price?
Broadcom management said little on the call about Qualcomm, but we continue to believe that such a deal would be materially accretive to Broadcom. Broadcom may be able to raise its bid price as high as $80 per share and still find the acquisition to be quite accretive.
Restoration Hardware: Higher Margins Ahead?
Restoration Hardware reported third-quarter results that were roughly in line with its November update, calling for sales of $592 million and EPS of $1.03. The Firm’s change to its business model has likely placed it on track to reach higher operating margins than previously assumed (10% versus 8.5% prior).