About Finstead

Finstead is an investment research app. Its goal is to arm do-it-yourself investors with powerful insights, so they can be better informed about investment opportunities.

Finstead was born out of desire to help self-directed investors come up with better investment decisions. The main product, Finstead.com, is a finance chatbot, where more complicated questions are answered by investment professionals. At Finstead we focus on quality—it’s important to us that every investor receives a complete, factual and insightful answer to his or her question.

Within the Finstead portal, there are many products that can help individual investors with their needs:

  • Insights provides in-depth analyses of investment opportunities;
  • Fund Reviews and ETF Reviews contain write-ups on individual mutual funds and ETFs;
  • Stock Guides feature bull-case and bear-case analyses of individual stocks.

We also have a number of tools for individual investors: investment idea generation, fund comparison tools, and stock, ETF, mutual fund and cryptocurrency screeners.

While we strive to give you the best possible answer to every question you have about investments, we cannot guarantee that our answers and content will lead you to the best possible investment outcome. So please treat our product as an information product, and exercise your caution when it comes to trading and investing.

If you’d like to become a writer for Finstead Bites, or if you have any business-related queries, please send us an email at hi@finstead.com.